PROKINETICS - How's your peristalsis?

When you have SIBO, your intestinal motility isn’t functioning properly - called the Migrating Motor Complex (MMC).

Your small intestines are not able to sweep food through from the small intestines to the large and you have food stagnation and fermentation.

You’ll need to retrain your bowels and a prokinetic can help. There are natural prokinetics and pharmaceuticals. I will always vote to try the natural route first but for some folks like myself, the herbs just don’t work well enough so I use Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) - and that’s OK. You gotta do what works.

Folks with IBS-D or M...ya still need a prokinetic!

Some people need to be on it for 6 months and some for years. It really depends and there’s no fast and easy answer for how long.

Along with this, meal spacing is important. The cleaning waves of your MMC kicks in about 90 minutes after your meals...and then it needs another couple of hours to sweep your food through the 20ish feet of small intestines.

For people with SIBO or a sluggish bowel, it would be most beneficial to eat 3 meals spaced out every 4-5 hours without snacking or consuming caloric beverages to give the MMC a chance to do its job. Every time you consume calories, your sweeping waves stop and get ready for digestion. Many people feel much better following this rule.

This is where so many SIBO treatments have failed people because prokinetics are not discussed or considered. If your practitioner or doctor isn’t talking about your MMC, you’re not getting the best treatment plan. Talk to them about it or work with someone who will address all the things so you can be successful!

Happy pooping!

~ Barb xx

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